Founded in 2005, the IMETA Group has been providing maritime education, training, consultancy, certification and educational services, all under a single roof. We, at the IMETA Group, strive to be an industry leader within the maritime education, training and consulting spectrum providing our esteemed clients with specialized services in the field of maritime services, specially human competence management. We are amongst the fastest growing groups within the maritime sector providing a wide array of services, internationally. 

Whether providing maritime education, training or full-spectrum consulting services, the IMETA Group has successfully established itself as a dignified industry leader in all the segments that it has ventured into. To assist students in their career development, we have specially structured counselling cells, which provide academic and career counselling as well as impart personal/social competencies to our students.

Our dedicated trainers, consultants and advisors are always available to assist you in all your needs.