Here are the 3 great reasons to join Merchant Navy just after Intermediate. 


  1. Less Qualification Required - Merchant navy is gaining popularity day by day because of certain benefits and advantages in this field, although not as much as other fields like medical or engineering. But it does not require a great educational background like Engineering and Medical field and you can join this field with a mediocre educational qualification just after 10th and 12th. Deck Cadet Course is such an option in merchant navy which has also an option for those who did not pass with 60% in PCM. The name of the course may be the different, i.e. the Australian Deck-Cadet Course, New Zealand Cadetship, U.K. Cadet-ship etc. but the same course is provided by institutes with just passing marks.  
  2. Benefits in Salary-A fresh Cadet can start from 25000/ INR in starting and even 50 to 60,000 INR per month after a year which is higher than the salary of engineer.                                                                       
  1. Benefits of Free Travelling- After join marine field you get a chance to sail and see different parts of the world without paying any money from your own pockets. Free adventure and free travelling is not possible in any other field other than merchant navy for which people spend dollars in Passenger Ships. Criteria Required to Join Merchant Navy- A 10th pass student can join G.P. Rating Course of 6 months; Deck Cadet/Engine Cadet can be joined after passing out12th. The journey to find the right college for your profile can be a tedious process. But we can make the journey pleasant and help you pick the right one's for you.