The intake capacity of a batch is not more than 25. But for the timely placement of students, we prefer 20 students only. But filling the batch with 20 students does not mean that you can not apply or take admission in that batch. Of course you apply and join the batch. If a Batch commences in January, it is supposed to end in April generally and one joins the ship in June usually. A student, who applies the online form and then joins the Batch in February, leaves the batch in May and joins the ship in July. The time some students joins the ships, the seats are vacant in the batch again and some other students fill that seats again. In this way, a chain of students is build up and they are known of each other's status of joining their ships. Every 21th student creates the next batch; he is counted in next Batch.


After collecting and examining very carefully all the online forms, the Academy selection board will issue call letters to the short listed candidates in their mail id. The selected candidate receives a call letter for joining the batch in his mail id. There is no entrance test for the selection of a candidate. Short listed candidates will be called to report at the academy on the date mentioned in the call letter. The candidate is requested to confirm the date over the phone if not mentioned in the call letter.